Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New Collection! - Window on America for Ukraine

Wook-Jin Cheun, Librarian for Slavic and East European Studies, recently received this amazing gift of Ukranian films. This collection consists of 120 VHS copies of the weekly program of Window on America for Ukraine. The program was produced in Ukrainian to be broadcast in Ukraine. As the first US government TV program to be broadcast abroad, it was launched in 1993. It contains reports on "all facets of life in the United States, including politics, science, education, pop culture, immigration, nature, personalities, problems, hopes, fears, etc" (from Andrew Fedynsky, host of the program from 1993 to 2004). By Public Law 105-373, the Slavic collection of the Indiana University Libraries was designated to be one of the two owners of the collection in the United States.

You can check these items out from the Wells Library Kent Cooper Room.