Thursday, July 10, 2008

An Independent Film Critique of Teresa Konechne's film "Empty" (50 minutes)

Independent filmmaker Teresa Konechne has invited Indiana University to screen her film before its distributional release with Bullfrog Films. In an effort to improve the quality and universal application of the film, KCR invites you to a special film screening this Friday July 11th from Noon - 1:30pm, OR 7pm - 8:30pm in E174 of the Herman B Wells Library. After the screening, we would like your response to questions posed by the filmmaker, and to participate in a group discussion. If you are unable to stay after the film screening, you may send your comments to us via e-mail or in-person.

Brief synopsis: Independent filmmaker Teresa Konechne is working on a new film, "Empty," which addresses important issues about women living in rural environments and what it may mean as this "rural" disappears. Through song and narration Konechne weaves a tale of personal discovery as she interviews women from the plains of South Dakota. While the film is mostly concerned with the lives of these women, the film raises potent questions about the shifting economy, social constraints associated with rural living, and issues of racism between the White and Native American populations who inhabit the plains. -- Sagan Victoria